Clayhouse Productions


The Bedlamites

"An eerie-looking collision between running and human adventure" Charlie Phillips
Uncle David

A story about how one man is improving his local environment and engaging with the local community.
Vitya: Recycling Man

Vitya leads an uncomplicated, yet fulfilling, life in an Indian village recycling old bottles.

Films for Social Organisations

Voices Of Older People

A film for Bradford Council that explores the positive contribution of older people within Bradford's diverse communities.
Fresh Voices

A community based film that documents the consultation process involved when Keighley Voluntary Services works with the people of Keighley to understand what Primary Healthcare facilities are needed within the town.
Bradford Link

The Bradford LINk gives everyone living or working in the district a stronger voice in how their health and social care services are delivered.



A mother prepares her daughter's future to protect the family's so-called 'Honour'.
In The Dark

Abusive childhood experiences and how they can affect later life.

Creative Partnerships

Films made in partnership with schools can be found on the Working In Schools page.